NARM™ Training Institute – Certificate of Completion


A certificate of completion will be granted to each NARM training participant whom fulfills the requirements of the classroom coursework as well as completes the 20 hours of required experiential/case consultation.

The certificate of completion will designate the NARM training graduate as either a NARM™ Therapist or NARM™ Practitioner depending upon the individual graduate’s professional background (see more info below). The certificate of completion will allow the NARM training graduate to refer to using NARM™ or the NeuroAffective Relational Model™ in their clinical practice and promotional materials. The certificate of completion does not approve anyone to call themselves a NARM Teacher or Trainer, teach NARM, or officially represent oneself as part of the NARM Training Institute.

If a NARM Training participant or graduate is interested in teaching NARM and/or using the NARM™ logo, they must get prior authorization from the NARM Training Institute.



The NARM Practitioner Training is designed for licensed psychologists, psychotherapists, counselors and social workers who work with or wish to be trained in treating complex trauma.  The NARM Practitioner Training also includes other health professionals, coaches and educators who work with complex trauma.  Although NARM was developed primarily as a psychotherapy model, it has been successfully applied in a variety of related fields.  It is important to us that practitioners and organizations are able to use the principles and tools from NARM to support trauma-informed care, including personal growth, social advocacy and organizational change.  

The NARM Training Institute offers a different NARM provider designation depending on if one is a licensed mental health worker or a non-licensed health or educational professional.  While there is a different designation for NARM providers based on their area of practice, both titles imply the same level of competence within the NARM Practitioner Training.

  • NARM™ THERAPIST: All levels of mental health professionals (including psychologists, psychotherapists and social workers) who have a master’s degree or higher in the mental health field and are licensed or certified through a state or national board which authorizes independent practice.
  • NARM™ PRACTITIONER: Non-licensed therapists and counselors, coaches, educators, nurses, bodyworkers, and alternative health practitioners

Note: The NARM Practitioner Training does not serve as a replacement for the necessary academic and clinical training required to practice psychotherapy; it is an advanced, adjunctive practitioner training for those already eligible to practice within their profession.  The NARM Training Institute is not responsible for how our graduates apply NARM theory and skills.  It is up to each graduate to apply NARM according to their education, training, certification and licensure.  For both designations, it is essential that everyone using NARM must work within their scope of practice, scope of competence, under a code of ethics, and within all local, state and federal laws.