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Ellen Byrne, CMT, SEP

I have had a private practice in therapeutic bodywork since 1995, grounded and informed by Somatic Experiencing since 2004.  I completed the NARM training in January 2016 and the Chicago Training will be my second round of assisting.  My practice is based on a combination of grounded presence, supportive touch and inquiry.  NARM has provided the “missing link” for me in supporting my clients to tap into their innate resilience, ability to self regulate and move into the world with agency and passion.  I am Buddhist in my personal spiritual orientation, and open to whatever your outlook may be.  I practice yoga and in my spare time, bicycle around the world with my husband.  I’m thrilled to be here to support your learning experience in NARM.


Contact email: ellen.byrne@me.com Phone: 831-566-5270

Website: www.homeinthebody.com 

NARM TrainingsChicago, Austin, Berkeley

Provider Status: Experiential Consultations