Liv Søchting, cand.psych.

My name is Liv Søchting, and I am from Denmark. I currently live in Copenhagen, but I grew up in a smaller town near the border to Germany. As a young adult, I left Denmark to live in the US, England and finally settling in New Zealand with my New Zealand partner. I started university here and achieved a BA/BCom conjoint degree from the University of Auckland, with psychology/ linguistics and management as my majors. Whilst there I got my first real experience of counselling when volunteering at a helpline and was trained in Client-Centered counselling. This changed the focus of my university studies and when we moved to Denmark, I made psychology my field and I achieved a MA in psychology from the University of Copenhagen. I have authorization from Psykolognævnet (which means that I am a qualified psychologist).  Since then I have mainly worked in private practice with both individuals, couples, and families; with adults, adolescents and children. I have trained in psychodynamic and cognitive therapy; hypnotherapy and EMDR, as well as NARM. I am part of the first NARM training in Denmark and the first Masters’ training in the US.

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