NARM Certificate of Completion

A certificate of completion is issued upon completion of all requirements for the NARM Practitioner training. 

 Licensed Psychotherapists  that complete all requirements will receive a NARM Therapist Certificate

All Non-Licensed Therapists that graduate from the training and complete all the requirments will receive a NARM Practitioner Certificate


  • Completion of all course requirements, including attending every day of each module (up to 1 module may be satisfied through video)
  • A minimum of ten (10) Experiential Consultation hours.  $125/consultation with training assistants; cost may be higher with faculty
  • A minimum of ten (10) Case Consultation hours, at least four (4) of which must be with NARM faculty; $125/individual consultation and $75/group consultation with training assistants; cost may be higher with faculty
  • Case consultations can be completed individually or in group format – there will be 1 group Case Consultation for each training module (other than Module 1).
  • Please Note: two (2) hours of group Case Consultation are equivalent to one (1) hour of personal Case Consultation.
  • Consultation requirements must be completed no later than one year after the completion of course work.
  • An evaluation of your NARM Practitioner Skills may be requested before completion of your program.