Scholarships for NARM Trainings 

General Info:

The mission of the NARM Training Institute is to build a trauma-informed training institute that offers a professional community in support of greater connection and healing. It is our intention to make NARM as accessible as possible, and we understand the significant obstacles in the way for many people interested in pursuing this training.

It is a core value of the NARM Training Institute to serve underserved and marginalized communities by providing opportunities for the training of helping professionals who work with and come from these communities. We aim to collaborate with helping professionals from all backgrounds in order to collectively work toward the healing of complex, cultural and intergenerational trauma patterns.

Scholarship Availability:

Applicants for all NARM Trainings (Levels 1-4) who meet training eligibility criteria can apply for a tuition scholarship. Applicants for Level 1 training must be helping professionals who work with complex trauma. Scholarship applicants for Level 2 must be legally able to practice psychotherapy or be pursuing such credentials. Level 3 and 4 scholarship applicants need to meet the requirements for Level 2 training and also need to have completed the prior level of NARM training.

The NARM Training Institute evaluates and considers each application on a case-by-case basis. While most scholarship awards range between 10-40% of training tuition (not including travel or other additional costs), in some cases, they may be higher. Please note: these scholarship rewards are extremely competitive and we do our best to accommodate everyone, but if we are unable to accommodate you during the calendar year, you are welcome to re-apply for the next calendar year.

Scholarship Process:

  • Application submission (linked to the button below)
  • It will take up to two weeks for us to process each application.
  • You will be notified by email within two weeks with the results of your application.