Transforming Trauma Episode 125: Introducing The Complex Trauma Training Center with Training Director Brad Kammer

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Around the world, there is an urgent need for effective treatment of complex trauma. While there is a growing number of trauma-informed mental health professionals focusing on supporting individuals, relationships, communities, and systems, addressing trauma everyday can be taxing, overwhelming and lead to burn-out.  Who is there to support those therapists and helping professionals on their professional journey?

On this bonus episode of Transforming Trauma, host Emily Ruth welcomes Brad Kammer, NARM® Senior Trainer and executive producer of this podcast, to introduce the Complex Trauma Training Center (CTTC).  CTTC is a professional organization providing therapist training, consultation, mentorship, and community for psychotherapists and mental health professionals working with Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and Complex Trauma (C-PTSD).

“The concept of self-care is a pretty popular understanding in our field of helping professionals and psychotherapists,” says Brad. “But we go deeper in NARM® trainings and now, in the Complex Trauma Training Center.” The vision of CTTC is to create a professional community focused on supporting mental health professionals on three levels of our human experience: personal, interpersonal & transpersonal.  “We're going to bring greater awareness about how to have embodied psycho-spiritual connection, both for ourselves and our clients.”

In order to better serve the trauma field, along with increasing demand for learning NARM®, the NARM Training Institute is transitioning into two NARM®-based organizations: NARM® Creator Dr. Laurence Heller will be continuing the NARM Training Institute along with several of his teachers from the NARM international community.  Brad Kammer, alongside Stefanie Klein and Marcia Black, will be guiding the Complex Trauma Training Center.

This transition will allow both organizations to continue actualizing the shared vision of bringing humanity to the transformation of complex trauma, through different areas of focus and delivery. The NARM Training Institute will be bringing additional resources to provide significant asynchronous learning opportunities, expanding the reach of NARM® to new areas including addiction treatment, and continuing to support and expand the international NARM Training community. The NTI will continue to teach the Post-Masters Training level, the Inner Circle and the Basic Training for helping professionals. The Complex Trauma Training Center will continue focusing on NARM Therapist and NARM Master Therapist Training Levels, as well as ongoing professional development, mentorship and community. Together, we plan to strengthen our mission for bringing NARM® to therapists, helping professionals, individuals and communities in need of complex trauma healing. In addition to continuing the NARM® training programs, both the NARM Training Institute and the Complex Trauma Training Center have exciting new programs that they will be introducing in the coming year.

The Complex Trauma Training Center will continue offering NARM® Therapist and NARM® Master Therapist Trainings, as well as providing ongoing monthly groups in support of those learning NARM®.  Additionally, CTTC will provide in-depth, ongoing development and mentorship opportunities for clinicians. Based on a mentorship model, CTTC is focused on supporting mental health professionals through their professional journey of addressing complex trauma.

The CTTC ethos can best be described by its three keywords: depth, connection, and heart. With this spirit, Brad says, CTTC intends to nurture therapists and helping professionals to be even more effective in their work with complex trauma.

CTTC is also excited to be the new home of Transforming Trauma and will continue introducing our community to inspiring guests from trauma-informed fields. “Our mission remains the same,” confirms Brad. “In a modern world beset by complex trauma and a legacy of suffering, conflict, and disconnection, healing trauma can serve as a vehicle for personal and social transformation.”

Transforming Trauma is honored to share this new chapter with you.


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